Monday, November 25, 2013

Looking For A New Mechanic?

Is your current mechanic offering you sub-standard service? Or perhaps you've moved from one part
of the country to another and you need to find a new mechanic fast? This article is designed to
provide you with all the questions and considerations you need to get the best mechanic possible
for your vehicle.

A mechanic isn't just any service provider, they are the doctor for your car and the last thing
you want is costly medical bills from a mechanic who wants nothing more than to gouge you for all
your worth. Take time and consider before committing to any new mechanic relationship and don't be
afraid to walk out if you're not happy; there are plenty more mechanics in the sea after all.

What to look for in your new mechanic

So what warning signs should you look out for when considering your new mechanic? Here are a few
things to keep in mind when interviewing your prospective mechanic.

1. Are they specialists in what you require? If you're a truck driver who also owns your vehicle
than chances are you will want a mechanic that specialises in truck repairs. Find out what your
mechanic specialises in and take full advantage of their expertise.

2. Don't stand for scare tactics. If a mechanic says that your vehicle shouldn't be driven another
kilometre, grab your keys and get out, scare tactics are not a healthy way to start a

3. Check for accreditation and qualifications.

4. Do your due diligence. Ask your mechanic all the questions that are relevant to you; how long
have they been in business? What warranties and guarantees are offered? Etc.

5. Is the work space organised? A great sign of a great mechanic is a nice orderly machine shop.
Look for a clean garage and uncluttered work spaces.

6. Word of mouth is reliable as long as your source is. Trust what friends and family and trusted
colleagues tell you, after all if they take their car to that mechanic it should certainly be
above board.

7. If getting a second opinion don't mention the first quote.

8. Always check anything before signing off on it and make sure that hidden costs are explained
before any work goes ahead. The best mechanics will go through all of the costs involved in the
job before work begins, this is a big plus.

At the end of the day a good mechanic should be warm, approachable, and professional. Go with one
who ticks all of the above criteria and you will surely be a happy customer for years to come.
Diamond Automotive & Diesel Services is a mechanical
workshop, fully equipped workshop houses the latest service and diagnostic equipment. Combine this
with our highly trained and friendly mechanics, we will have your vehicle running as it should in
the quickest possible time frame.

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