Tuesday, October 21, 2014

7 Auto Repairs that should be done by a Professional

7 Auto Repairs that should be done by a Professional
When there’s something wrong with your car, it’s easy to be tempted to repair it on your own. But before you go ahead and cause more damage, you need to read this first. Here are 7 auto repairs that are best handled by an auto shop. They’ll always do it better- and much faster than you ever will.
  • Air conditioning issues: Your car’s air conditioning system can fail unexpectedly and the last thing you want to do is try to repair it on your own. This system involves the use of various components and tubing that makes it quite sensitive. Make a wrong move and you’ll have to get it replaced completely.
  • Gas tanks and air bags: There are certain areas of your car that you shouldn’t be messing with. If you are trying to do any repairs around the steering wheel or dash panel, remember there are airbags somewhere there and they can explode anytime causing significant injury. Keep off the gas tank too.
  • Windshield replacement: Yes, there is a lot of DIY information going on how to replace a damaged windshield. But this is not a job you want to handle on your own. First, you don’t have the manpower to handle a huge piece of glass and secondly, you lack the skill to install it with the required precision. Contact your local glass specialists when you need to replace the windshield.
  • Wheel balancing: Wheel balancing should be done at the auto repair shop because it will be done right using dedicated equipment and training. The same goes for tire balancing. This is not something you can manage to do correctly in your garage. It requires special equipment and skill. If done wrong, you’ll be risking your life driving that car.
  • Body repairs: If your car’s body has been severely damaged, the next thing you should do is to take it to the auto shop, if it hasn’t been written off. Bodywork is very demanding and no one can handle it without the required skill and equipment. You need to find someone who has the experience in working on bodywork in order to make it look right.
  • Electrical issues: When the electrical components on your car are experiencing issues, it’s best to have a professional check them out. Sometimes even basic wiring can be very dangerous. Electrical wires on vehicles are complex and rigorous so they need to be done by an expert.
  • Replacing a clutch: Perhaps it may not be one of the toughest auto repair jobs but it’s best done by a professional. Sometimes you’ll have to remove the engine in order to change the clutch and ensure it is positioned perfectly. This is not something you want to do on your own. The heavy lifting will require some muscle and the positioning also needs some level of skill.

Before you begin any car repairs, remember that it’s always wise to consult an auto expert you trust and remember you can’t manage without professional assistance.

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Monday, October 20, 2014

Wheel Alignment And Tire Balancing: Why Are They Important?

Tire balancing and wheel alignment are some of the most common auto repair services offered by technicians. When you buy new car tires, you may consider performing a wheel alignment. Having an alignment done can save you a lot of costs in the long run.

The importance of wheel alignment

Having a wheel alignment done will help to significantly increase the life of your new tires. During the wheel alignment, the steering and suspension of your vehicle is going to be adjusted in order to ensure that the tires don't wear out overtime. Alignment is also important because it ensures the car handles corners smoothly.

Wheel alignment is needed overtime because as you drive, your car's steering and suspension systems are pushed causing the ball & socket joints, bushings and other mechanical links to wear out. This makes the alignment deflect from the factory specifications. If nothing is done to improve the alignment, your car will have poor cornering and handling which also makes the tires wear out.

There are basically 3 types of wheel alignment angles: camber, toe and caster. The camber angle measures whether the top of the tire is tilting outward or inward due to worn ball joints or severely worn out wheel bearings. The toe angle affects the car's tires and steering wheel. If the angle is in or out too far, your tires will begin to wear out quickly and the steering wheel will look crooked. The caster angle is what is responsible for the steering wheel returning to its original position when you make a turn.

Importance of tire balancing

You'll need tire balancing as soon as you buy the new tires. This process is performed to ensure that all the tires balance with wheel weights to facilitate smooth rolling of the tire. When there's an imbalance, the steering wheel will rock back and forth as you drive especially when you reach a certain speed.

When you take your car to the auto technician for tire balancing, they'll mount it on a rim and then use a machine that is designed to spin the tires and check the location of imbalance and how severe it is. Once the problem is fixed, the technician will spin the tires again using the machine to ensure the tires are properly balanced.

Tire imbalance can occur when the rubber that is used in making it wears off overtime. That is why it is important to check your tires for imbalance every 6 months and ensure they are rebalanced. Tire imbalance can cause severe accidents especially when the car is driven at fast speeds.

Tire balancing and wheel alignment can be done together. These services will help you to avoid budgeting for new tires soon. Even though they can be pretty expensive, they'll prevent serious accidents and increase the service life of your car. Just ensure you visit a well known auto repair shop and find a technician who is skilled and equipped to offer these services.
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