Monday, December 30, 2013

High Tech Autos Need High-Tech Repair Shops

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Some may say that all of the newer model cars of any make could be considered high-tech. They all
require computer diagnostics for serious problems. However, you will find many more 'weekend
mechanics' working on their American made autos than foreign jobs. Kids grew up watching their
fathers do their own oil changes, replace sparkplugs and maybe work on the carburetor on the
family car. No father worked on a foreign car unless he was a professional. One wrong move and not
only could the auto be damaged further, it could negate any remaining warranty.

There should be no short cuts taken on BMW automotive repair. These are very well made ultimate
driving machines and to repair one takes a qualified mechanic who has had and lived the education
of working on all the series, not just one or two models. A Beemer owner can find quality repairs
at affordable rates. It should not take a second mortgage just to have your BMW oil change. 

Owners may find cheap rates at cheap repair shops that advertise they work on foreign and
domestic cars. And the same owner may find reasonable rates at shops that are set up to work on
foreign models only. Compare it to going to a doctor. There are many fine physicians out there.
You suspect you are having appendicitis. But you need to go and find out for sure. Would you pick
a dermatologist or an internal medicine physician? They have both attended medical school and are
both licensed physicians. Common sense dictates that you pick the one that has a specialty in your

You may visit the internist and after examination be told that it was just the Mexican food you
had eaten. Nothing is wrong with your appendix. That is good news from the expert. When you take
your BMW to a BMW repair shop with apprehension and worry that something is very seriously wrong
with your car and you are informed that it is something very simple, you know you can trust what
you have been told. It is a huge relief!

We are not picking on any one shop or mechanic here, but everyone knows that when a woman takes
her car in for something basic like a BMW oil change, some of the fast-and-cheap chains will try
and take advantage with the old trick of you also need this and you also need that. A reliable car
repair shop will not stoop to these practices. If a belt or any other item is worn and about to
break the mechanic will show the part to the male or female customer so they can see the wear
themselves. There are no bait and switch tactics for either of the sexes. 

Once a Beemer owner finds the right shop that begins to know the car and all its little nuances,
that mechanic becomes like a best friend. He will always let you know when it is time for your BMW
oil change or any mileage milestone check-up. He can keep your expensive and much-loved auto
running smoothly without so much as a hint of a problem. His phone number should have a place of
prominence in your little black (or pink) book.
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