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Car Maintenance: 5 Tips to Maintain Your Vehicle

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With the new affordable ways to buy a car, people have been excited to get their own automotive
with less consideration on actually maintaining vehicles once they have acquired it. It's not easy
to keep your vehicles in great condition, but it would be very simple if you treat your car as
your personal buddy. So if you want to know how to keep your wheels always on the go, here are 5
tips to maintain your vehicle.

1. Check, Check, Check

For your car to remain strong and healthy, prevention is always better than cure. For
inexperienced car owners, it's always been the case that they just wait for the moment their cars
break down at the middle of the street. But that shouldn't happen to you. If you're smart, you'll
be scheduling regular check ups for your vehicle. The longevity of your car depends on this point.

2. Eyes on Your Mileage

Your car's mileage will be the determining factor on how you should maintain your car. The higher
the mileage of your car, the greater attention you should give to maintain your vehicle. If your
car's mileage is high, it is now more prone to breakdowns and malfunctions. Once you are aware of
your car's general condition, it will be easier for you to schedule your car's checkups.

Aside from this, there are also several essential things that are tied up with your car's
mileage. This may assist you in assessing performance of your engine in terms of gas consumption.
This will also signal you when to get your car tune-up once you have ran significant number of
miles already. This may also hint that you should check your tires already for possible damages
and many more.

3. Take Care of Your Engine

Number 3 of these 5 tips to maintain your vehicle is to keep in mind that your car's heart and
soul is the engine and it is very important to take care of it. Always check that your engine is
running with golden brown oil to keep your engine operating smoothly. Schedule your engine checkup
preferably once a week. Try to use quality and trusted brands of oil for dependable performance.

4. Replacements and Replenishments

Several car parts require to be replaced or replenished often. Brake systems should be checked if
the pads are already exhausted and needs a new one. Brake fluid should be regularly replenished.
It might be thrilling to feel the speed, but not anymore when you feel your brakes are not

Your tires must be checked once a week and your batteries once a month. This will help you keep
track if there's a need to replace them. Keep an eye also on your coolant, transmission fluid, and
your power steering fluid. This will surely avoid car break downs and over heats.

5. Be a Smart Driver

Always remember, your car will be what you want it to be. It would not become the worst car if it
wasn't because of you. Treat the car as if it's a close friend.Drive smoothly to avoid abuse of
its parts. Drive carefully to prevent scratches and dents from bumps. Clean and wash it as if it's
your clothes to wear. Don't forget your maintenance schedules and just follow these 5 tips to
maintain your car for a smoother drive every day and every night.

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