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How to Protect Your Car From a Heat Wave

How to Protect Your Car From a Heat Wave

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Extreme temperatures or heat waves are certainly not good for your car. Several things could
easily go wrong and in some cases possible problems that could have occurred anyway tend to be
drastically accelerated and magnified. These could pose serious danger to you as you use your car
even as it damages parts in your vehicle. It therefore makes a lot of sense to be extra careful
when temperatures are high. Protecting your car from a heat wave is simple if you follow these
basic precautions. 

Park your car in the coolest spots possible. 

Contrary to common belief your car can be affected even if it is stationary. Make sure that you
move it and park in the coolest places possible making every effort to avoid direct sunlight on
your car where possible. Apart from certain parts in the car being damaged, heat can easily cause
too much gas to evaporate from your fuel tank.

Protect your battery

Heat damages car batteries and is in fact the single factor most responsible for shortened
battery life in a car. If the shade under which you are parking your car is limited, do your best
to ensure that the front end (where the battery is) is parked under a shade or the coolest part of
the parking area available.

Use your windshield wipers more frequently

During heat waves it is advisable to go out of your way to use your windshield wipers more
frequently. The heat could cause the wipers to stick to your windshield which will damage them
when you get round to using them because rather than wiping they will smear your windshield when
they pull loose from the surface of your windshield. Using your washers to spray the windshield
also helps cool down the wiper.

Take care of your tires 

Tires that are not properly inflated as the heat soars can easily blow out. This can be extremely
dangerous if you are traveling at high speed or on a busy road. It is therefore extremely
important to constantly check your tire pressure during heat waves. 

Do not strain the transmission

It is easy for the transmission to heat up, causing friction and heat and ultimately serious
damage to your transmission system and other parts of the car. You must therefore avoid straining
your transmission at all costs when temperatures are high. For instance, avoid towing anything.

Have your car checked

It is a good idea to have your car thoroughly checked when the heat sets in. The high
temperatures will tend to put a lot of strain on different parts of the car and accelerate
mechanical problems that may have already been developing. The result of this is that you are much
more likely to experience a sudden breakdown as you are driving out. Having the car checked with
special emphasis on areas that the heat will tend to affect the most will help you avoid car
trouble on the road.

By being careful to take these precautions and driving carefully and slower than usual during heat
waves you will be able to protect yourself and your car from the effects of extreme heat.
Crawfordville Auto and Tire has repaired countless cars that were victims to vicious heat waves.

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