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Service Your Car

Service Your Car

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Being stranded in the middle of nowhere with your car broken down is probably a car owner's worst nightmare. Do not ignore that serious red 'check engine light' reminding you to get your car serviced. While your car may still run smoothly, there are a lot of intricate details you may have missed out. 

So who do you turn to when you need something a little more elaborate than an oil change? Your local auto shop offers premium services to all of its customers and provides holistic care for your car. 

How to Cover your Basics? 
There are a number of easy ways to check if your car is in need of a few basic mechanical services. 

The new electronic ignition technology provides for better and faster engine starts. However, it often results in a lot of misfires and coils. So if you hear a noise every time you start your car, ensure your next stop is the garage. You local technicians are trained to handle this niche area as it is relatively complex and needs specific equipment. 

All potholes and bad road conditions are absorbed by your car's suspension. They are a series of springs that absorb shocks/struts ensuring you feel as little of a bump as possible. You can usually tell when your suspension is a little off if you feel a twinge of strain on your back or hear a dull rattling noise every time you encounter bad roads 

The tires are the most important part of the car after the engine. Adequate care to the tires means ensuring there is the right amount of pressure at all times, checking for wear and tear as well as the alignment. Alignment is what helps keep a car steady especially at high speeds. A good way to check if your alignment is a little off is to gently release your hand from the steering on a regular straight road and observe which way the car diverts. 

One thing you are bound to notice as your car gets old is a decrease in fuel efficiency. This is because the efficacy of the fuel injectors, fuel systems and fuel pump is reduced due to long term use. 

Vehicles these days come with a timing belt that keeps the engine running smooth. While these do not give an indication before they stretch, crack and break, it's recommend that you get them replaced every 60,000 miles. 

Other Services 
They should also take care of all your car cooling needs. Most cars come with a belt that functions on a system of pulleys to work the coolant system of the car. They also have radiator hoses made out of rubber, and the belt and hoses are exposed to extreme conditions. 

Getting Your Vehicle Ready for Autumn and Winter 

With the end of summer and its transition to winter, your car needs a little extra care. The coolant system and air conditioning needs to be working impeccably so it can defrost the car quicker and keep you warmer in the snow. Your batteries need to be charged as you will need that extra power to start your car after a night of snow. Also carry out all oil changes to keep it running smooth in the harsh winter. Carry out a check for emissions as well as CV joints.

At Crawfordville Auto Care, we recommend factory maintenance once every 12 months or 12,000 miles, whichever comes first during which we advise you on any minor or major engine repair work. We also carry out systematic fuel system cleaning to help you get the best of your mileage.

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