Saturday, February 14, 2015

Warning Signs that your Car Needs Urgent Repairs

Detecting some car problems can save you a lot of money in the long run. You may also avoid some serious car accidents by seeking repairs before issues escalate. If you are a car owner, no one knows that automobile more than you. So you need to watch out for signs of trouble. Below are a couple of common signs that indicate your car needs urgent repairs.

Leaking transmission fluid
One of the most common signs of problems with your car’s transmission system is if you notice a reddish fluid leaking from underneath your car. There’s a high chance that the level of transmission oil has gone down and you need to call your mechanic and have it checked.

Cracks and holes on the windshield
The cracks and holes on the car’s windshield may not look like something serious but ignoring them can cause extensive damage. You don’t need to install a new windshield. You can have your mechanic cover the holes and cracks especially if they are relatively small. You’ll be advised on whether the windshield needs repairs or a complete replacement.

Weird noises from your car
Those weird noises emanating from beneath your car, especially when you step on the breaks, are a sign of trouble. Sometimes the car can make weird noises because some mechanical component is worn out and needs to be replaced. In other cases, the transmission oil needs to be changed. Only a qualified auto technician can identify the real issue and resolve it immediately.

Car fails to switch gears
Often times, car owners struggle to switch gears and simply assume it’s something common. When the car refuses to switch gears, there could be an issue with its transmission system. It usually happens if there’s an issue with the transmission fluid.

If you feel like your car shakes whenever you try to change gears, something could be terribly wrong. Shaking is not common and it usually occurs when the transmission system has a problem. This is something that can be easily resolved by a mechanic when you take your car for servicing. Just make sure you mention this specific problem to the auto technician.

Burning smell
If you notice a burning smell coming from any section of your car, it’s time to call a mechanic immediately. There are cases where the transmission fluid burns because the system has overheated. This burning odor can also be due to old transmission oil that needs to be replaced. You mechanic will certainly advice on the way forward.

Don’t wait for any of the warning signs to visit an auto repair shop. Make sure you take regular car maintenance seriously if you care about the state of your car. If you travel long distances, make sure you visit an auto shop to have it checked and ensure everything is in perfect order. Most importantly, choose a reputable auto repair shop that you can trust to provide quality service. Make sure the mechanics also offer emergency auto repairs.

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